It Starts Here

I like the idea of writing.
That is, the idea that you can sit behind your desk and computer, get into some sort of text program, and just start writing. I'm also extremely charmed with the idea that, at the the other side of this process, something fresh and new will spontaneously erupt and give a good helping of reading pleasure to whomever it accidentally hits in the face. But inbetween these two states of promise and fulfilment lies that dreaded swamp of actually getting the bloody thing done.
What attracts me to a medium like internet writing is that it allows for very short writing. Nobody expect you to pour out an epic poem about coffee (though I'm tempted), and you rarely get the idea that you should explain your thoughts in a short, light novel. Additionally, you're free to switch styles if the notion strikes you, so that a curious interlude concerning me and some imaginary person or demon is readily thrown into the mix. This is preferable. My goal is nothing less than literature in its widest sense, though - all other writing, to me, is simply a practice of style, an attempt to master formulation and humorous observation for later use in my writings. And so I will write here, posting my thoughts for no better reason than that they are my thoughts and that I want to find ways to formulate them.
Although perhaps I should add that my computer is, in fact, a demon. It has to be; nothing else could be this malicious.

Asmodeus: *whirrrrrr*
Kees: "You're looking very pleased with yourself."
A: "Thank you! In fact, I'm in a good mood today. You've got fifteen minutes until I garble up your essay."
K: "That's... unusually long. Don't tell me that last exorcist actually got something done?"
A: "Thanks for that one, by the way. I hadn't eaten in weeks."
K: "This isn't ketchup I'm standing in, is it."