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About Kees

Kees de Vries was born in 1979 in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. After an uneventful childhood and a rather geeky adolescence, he attempted to study history but ended up with English literature instead. His interest in writing and the writing process was awakened first when he became interested in fantasy novels during the early 90s, and then fueled by a number of creative and critical writing courses he did at university. His amateurist stabs at philosophy are entirely someone elses fault, or so he likes to think.

Currently Kees is interested in life, music, cooking, literature, friendship, and theatre, and his everyday writing reflects these interests. He refers to his own efforts as attempts to explore his own way of living, of finding the best way for himself to get through life and the world. Hes only about half as arrogant as he liked to pretend he is which is still a pretty damn lot.